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You See Me Now

You know the feeling of browsing around in a clothing store. You find that ONE item that looks perfect hanging…


In late august of 2017 I had just moved to Berlin. I knew no one. I decided to write to an artist on Instagram. He and his artist collective invited me to come paint with them at a refugee camp!

The Jewellery Room

I got an e-mail in late 2016 from a jewellery event agency. They wanted to redesign their website.


In my final days of Bomedo I was invited by ByLassen, the renowned interior design brand, to design their new…

Maria Jernov

The always cool influencer Maria Jernov is one of the best content creators I know! Her style in what ever…


The Danish Social Innovation Club contacted me to hear if I could help design and create a series of posters for their 2017 spring event!