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Dencon Office setup from Furniture Team website developed by Marc Southwell

While I was studying at the IT University of Copenhagen I was lucky enough to test my newly learned skills in the real world. I helped Furniture Team build their online identity through a webshop, setting up social media accounts and by creating both offline and online marketing materials.

I ended up working for Furniture Team for 6 years and I still do commissioned work for them. Those many years was a true journey. We started by wanting to set up a webshop back in 2010. I was new to the field of online development, so we used a Danish developed CMS that had an inbuilt webshop solution. I spent hundreds of hours finding photos, writing texts, and aligning prices with competitors and own thoughts of potential return on investments.


Furniture Team website Marc Southwell
Office Screens from Lintex on Furniture Team website created by Marc Southwell

After almost 6 months of developing the webshop we started to face difficulties. Because of the young age of the Danish CMS, a lot of features were missing. The payment and shipping solutions did not fit with how we did business. We ended up competing with B2C websites, which was never the intent. We were a B2B company, who sold complete office, hotel, restaurant, cinema, etc. solutions. We decided to scratch the webshop and focus on building a website focused on B2B sales. This project was finished in 2015.

Furniture Team website by Marc Southwell
Website of Furniture Team created by Marc Southwell

While working for Furniture Team I got to develop my skills within front-end development, Be in charge of setting up and managing social media with a B2B focus, planning and implementing IT strategies for the future, working closely with different Danish CMS solutions, and much much more!

I feel fortunate to be able to test the skills I was taught at the IT University, this gave me a practical approach to solving problems. I am confident in executing IT strategies for a sustainable future for any company! I developed skills in communicating with suppliers of web solutions to understand what fits a company.

I am a preacher of the importance of creating solutions that matches the visions of the company, but are down to earth in handling. When I left Furniture Team, it was important for me that the student worker or employee, who was to take over my position, would spend as little time understanding the routines as possible. You can’t have a company stop functioning, just because an IT developer has created a highly complex system. The company needs to be able to function 100%, even in a transition phase from one developer to the other.

Later in life I have helped companies where the IT setup was so delicate that it was almost impossible for any other than the creator to manage it. This is NOT how to work in the fast paced world we live in!


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