The Jewellery Room

The founders of The Jewellery Room
Pernille and Charlotte from the Jewellery Room event.

I got an e-mail in late 2016 from a jewellery event agency. They wanted to redesign their website. They felt like they did not convey a clear message with their website. Their website had been developed by a foreign company, but now they wanted to have more control over the process. They wanted to be seen as an online magazine rather than a common blog.

We spend a couple of initial meetings agreeing on what my role should be and how we should handle the situation. We ended up agreeing that my function was to manage the process. Their company was doing well and they wanted a consultant who would listen to their wishes and then make it happen. That was perfect for me! I had previous experience with their CMS, WordPress, and I felt ready to take on an assignment of this magnitude – the redesign of a brand’s online identity.

Process of The Jewellery Room website.
The process of The Jewellery Room website, from left to right.

The founders of The Jewellery Room are very in sync with design trends, therefore they wer great partners in development of the website. They could clearly articulate what they wanted from their website and their vision for the platform was clear – To be the international go-to website for news and trends in the jewellery industry!

I joined forces with a back-end developer, Rune, who I found through my social network. He was recommended to me and he proved to be very good and efficient.

I had weekly meetings with the two founders of The Jewellery Room, Charlotte and Pernille, where I would then create mockups based on our conversations. I would then send the mockups to Rune and explain the thought process behind them via Skype. Rune would develop and together we would iterate until we were happy with the result. These results were then shown to Charlotte and Pernille and potential alterations were fixed.

This process was very solution oriented, we would set weekly and monthly goals and then work towards these. Having a set role as the mediator between the client and the back-end developer was a great experience. I could tell how Charlotte and Pernille had vision, but they had a problem getting the technical terms right. Here I, with my bachelor degree in Digital Media and Design, fit right in. I now of design theory, but also of the technical aspects of web development. All in all a prosperous relationship was created through this clear seperation in responsibility of the redesign of The Jewellery Room’s website.

The vision of The Jewellery Room has not been realized yet. It will be very interesting to follow the journey of Charlotte and Pernille in the future! They just launched their newest event at the London Fashion Week (writing in Oct. 2017).

Therefore I highly suggest you to follow their journey on social media!

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Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry, Co-founder of The Jewellery Room.