Wordpress page for IAMMIAMAI
A wordpress page Marc Southwell Created for make up artist IAMMIAMAI

The super cool Make up artist Mia Due contacted me because she wanted to create her own business around her passion. Mia was working for the Danish female magazine IN as a beauty journalist. She had for a long time though about going solo. She had achieved everything she could with the magazine and needed a new adventure, but where to start?

I met with her and we talked about her possibilities. She was already awesome at creating content for Youtube and Instagram, she just needed a place where she could collect the content she created and showcase her universe!

I helped Mia set up the wordpress website called IAMMIAMAI. Together we found a template she liked and I worked from there. We met Thursday evening and she wanted to quit her job and launch the website the following Monday. And true Mia-style she wanted to launch with a BANG! She wanted to let everyone know that she was now a freelance make up artist and a journalist and Youtuber on her own blog!

This left us with 3 days of working.. while I was studying for my exams.. YEY! But we managed to pull through and created a beautiful website for the launch. We have later upgraded the layout of the blog and incorporated features to suit her growing following.

Screenshot of IAMMIAMAI Instagram profile
Snapshot of Mia’s Instagram profile.

I am SUPER happy that Mia got to follow her dreams. I have never met anyone more professional about starting a blog and Youtube channel. She is amazing at her craft as make up artist and she has a sublime understanding of what social media is and how to use these media.


Mia Due, Influencer at and Founder of IAMMIAMAI.



Follow Mia on all her social media accounts! She is a gifted content creator!