Campaign photo from Bomedo, shot by Marc Southwell
A campaign we did at Bomedo.

Where do I start to explain what Bomedo is.

Bomedo was my first company. My first entrepreneurial endeavor. My first real test of skills. My life.

After I finished my bachelor degree in Digital Media and Design from the IT University of Copenhagen, I started a company with three friends. Nicklas is my childhood friend, he is a wizard with organisational strategising and a connoisseur of food and interior decoration. Jakob is the best salesman I know and the most entrepreneurial spirit I have met. John is a guru within corporate structuring and organising. My role was to develop products and create our online identity.

We started a company where we designed and produced our own interior design artifacts. We started with posters, but quickly found that we enjoyed coming up with new products and figuring out how we could produce them. We ended up producing posters, lamps, wall clocks, pillows, tea towels and more.

We were sold in some of the most notable interior design shops in Denmark, such as Magasin du Nord, Posterland, and Notre Dame. We were written about in some of the biggest magazines, such as Elle, Familiejournalen, Ude & hjemme, etc. Furthermore we worked with some of the biggest interior design influencers in Scandinavia, such as OnlyDecoLove, Trine Rødsgaard, and AnneLouiseLiving, to name a few!

Bomedo posters in a bedroom, designed by Marc Southwell
Bomedo posters in the right setting!

After two years of being full time entrepreneurs, the four of us decided to sell the company. It was a hard decision, but private affairs made it hard to continue the adventure. I was closing in on finishing my master’s degree and I wanted to move to Berlin. The rest also wanted new challenges.

After prepping the company for a sale, we sold it to the right people. Two guys contacted us and said they wanted to start a poster company, but they did not know where to start. We agreed with them to take over the company. So now, the main focus of the Bomedo product range is posters. Luckily the new owners have carried on the legacy that we started – minimalistic scandinavian design!

The Bomedo owners including Marc Southwell
The Bomedo crew. From left; John, Jakob, Nicklas, and I.

We had so much fun building and managing a start up. I have learned so much! I ended up writing my master thesis about Bomedo, so if you are interested, I can send it to you.

The skills I was using were multifaceted, so the only way to put it into this post will be by listing it. I’ll probably forget some, since we all did everything. Here goes; Product development, supplier management, packing and shipping, website development and maintenance, managing a webshop, social media marketing, print marketing, creating visual identity, working with influencers, planning and executing trade shows, working with PR agency, organisational planning and strategising, video producing, managing photoshoots, presenting Bomedo for retailers, and soooo much more!

Being a part of Bomedo was truly a journey! If you want to hear more I would gladly share our story over a couple of cups of coffee!

Pillows from Bomedo by Marc Southwell
Some of the pillows we created.

You can still see some of the legacy of Bomedo on the website that Steen and Claus still runs. You can see the whole product portfolio that we started on their website!

Bomedo official website

Bomedo official instagram