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I got the amazing opportunity of going to a Danish festival, Wonderfestiwall, with the futuristic company Khora! They invited me to help them film 360 degree movies to promote the festival online. It was a three day trip and it was fantastic!

We used 2 Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 cameras to shoot the footage. These cameras are the most accessible for private persons to try to film in 360 degrees. A part of our trip was to test the limitations of the cameras and see how they would work in a highly populated setting, where a much more expensive and bigger camera might be too bulky and risky too bring.

Samsung Galaxy 360 Gear Camera MArc Southwell
The Samsung Galaxy 360 Gear camera and Application.

The main learnings from this experience was to become a part of an organisation as a third party supplier. We joined the Wonderfestiwall as a part of the film crew. We had our wishes for where and what we wanted to film, and they in advance had some thoughts of what should be presented on their social media accounts. One thing we quickly found out was that the internet was simply not strong enough at the camp site for us to live stream. This was one wish both the festival and we had. But it was simply not possible. After this we filmed during the day and evening, then we edited and uploaded during the next morning.

I ended up making a private video log about the event and I will include some of the footage we filmed below! Enjoy!



Simon Borrit, Business Developer and Consultant for Khora.

Khora Official Website


See some of the 360 degree videos!

Chinah, Danish band:


The opening of the Festival:


Mads Langer, Danish artist:


The top of “The Hammer”, cool rock formation right next to the festival site: