Package design made by Marc Southwell for ByLassen

In my final days of Bomedo I was invited by ByLassen, the renowned interior design brand, to design their new packaging. I worked close with the head of design and the head of communication from ByLassen. Our work process was based on me designing prototypes of how their new packaging could look based on their original thoughts. Then I would present it to them and they would give their feedback.

The collaboration lasted for 3 weeks with 3 iteration rounds. Their chief of finances was brought into the process late and changed a few details in how many designs I should do. It ended up with me designing 12 unique packages that would be the visual identity of their kitchen products. They want to change their whole collection to the new packaging, but want to see the effect of the change in their sales.


Modular cabinets by ByLassen, package design by Marc Southwell
The famous modular cabinets of ByLassen.

All in all a great experience of working with a brand I have admired for a long time. They had their office right next to the office of Bomedo. Therefore I would walk by every day and see what they were doing. An amazing brand with an amazing history.

My tasks were to manage the design and presentation to the client. I worked closely with Jakob Skov Johansen, who was the sales manager of Bomedo, and Ricky Rockley, who did the linework for some of the illustrations.


See their website for more!



Chris Day, PR & Communication Manager


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