Posters by Marc Southwell for the DANSIC 2017 event
Marc Southwell created a series of posters for the DANSIC 2017 spring event.

In the early months of 2017 I got contacted by a friend, Louise. She asked me if I could assist her and an organisation she worked with. They needed help to create a series of posters. The posters were to be used as a part of their spring 2017 campaign “Reimagine Resources”.

The organisation is DANSIC, an abbreviation of Danish Social Innovation Club. What they do is try to create awareness on sustainability. This is done through events and tools created by student volunteers. With this awareness they want to encourage sustainable innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship.

A speaker at the event Reimagine Resources by DANSIC
One of the speakers at the DANSIC event Reimagine Resources.

After an introduction meeting between the two parts, being me and two representatives from DANSIC, we started talking about how I could help. DANSIC had for this edition of their event created a podcast that was of 3 episodes. Each episode had a theme; Idea Generation, Prototyping, and Knowledge.

DANSIC wanted me to come up with a design that would be produced for their physical event, that people could take home and remember the messages of the podcast.

Basically I had to create 3 posters that were aesthetically pleasing, so people would bring them home, and also contained a message. I normally don’t work with political messages when working with clients, but since DANSIC had a message I could stand by, I agreed to work with them. I introduced DANSIC to work of Rasmus Koch and his “Foreigners, please don’t leave us alone with the danes!” campaign.

With the graphical scene set, I listened to the podcasts. For each I found what was striking to me as a listener and evaluated the solutions with the representatives of DANSIC. We ended up with 3 posters that contained the visual identity of DANSIC and the individual message of each podcast.

Furthermore, to stay true to the message we wanted to convey, we created the posters from 100% biodegradable, reused paper. It was the first time I worked with reused paper, and I must say that the end result was amazing.

Here are the final results.

Poster for DANSIC created by Marc Southwell
This poster was based on “Idea Generation” and roughly reads; Ideas get better when they marinate a bit in the back of the mind.
A poster Marc Southwell did for DANSIC
This poster was based on “Prototyping” and reads; Draw. Build. Play. Try again.
Knowledge poster by Marc Southwell
The last poster was based on “Knowledge” and reads: Knowledge is worth the most when you use it. So go and use it.

All 3 posters were printed in a limited edition of 200 pieces each and handed out at their spring event. I can highly recommend you to go and listen to the podcasts and check out what other work DANSIC has done!

DANSIC official webpage



Ane N. Berthelsen, Vice President of DANSIC.


Final comment from Ane N. Berthelsen:

“Marc managed to be a part of a abstract, creative process, and to offer valuable knowledge and thereby make the process of creating the posters very concrete and manageable for us. After consulting Marc we were able to work with a clear goal to create a professional product. Without Marc’s inputs we would not have reached our goal of a series of posters that were contemporary, elegant and with a clear message.”