Maria Jernov

The influencer Maria Jernov in America
The always cool Maria Jernov in America

The always cool influencer Maria Jernov is one of the best content creators I know! Her style in what ever she does is professional and amazing. I met Maria when I was helping Elle Magazine during the Copenhagen Fashion Week of 2015 – wow that’s a couple of days ago. Maria and I instantly clicked with our passion for clothing, filming and creating beautiful content.

I soon became a close helper of Maria’s with her WordPress website. At the time she was working for Elle, so she did not have time to create the online universe she wanted. Oh boy has she caught up on that! But I helped her troubleshoot her first website, so it functioned as she wanted. Furthermore I analyzed her social media strategy and set up a new course for her, based on becoming a professional influencer.

The influencer Maria Jernov in America
The always cool Maria Jernov in America!

In later years Maria and I have become fond of the possibilities that Youtube has. She is incorporating it as a part of her marketing strategy, where I do it to develop my skills as an editor. But when we meet we always discuss how to do things better. She is the first I send my rough edits to, to get feedback. Thank you Maria!

I have become the nerd in her life, that helps with her website, camera setups, social media marketing and everything else that falls under the knowledge of a bachelor of IT.

Maria Jernov Instagram profile
The beautiful Instagram profile of Maria Jernov.

Maria has developed such a talent for creating signature content, that I am never in doubt when I see a picture of hers! She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming an actress in America. Go follow her everywhere you can, to be a part of a journey that will end with an Academy Award!

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