Reborn Age

Screenshot of Reborn Age website
The website for Reborn Age developed by Marc Southwell

Filippa from Reborn Age wanted to create a visual identity for her skincare clinic on a small island in Denmark. She is a certified nurse, but now that she has moved to a small, but beautiful island just 2 hours away from Copenhagen, she wanted to try something different. She contacted me through a friend to hear if I wanted to help her setup her website and create marketing content for her clinic.

As I do with all my freelance clients; I asked her to create all the written content for the website. I do this because the client is the expert in the field of operation. With Reborn Age the desire was to create an informative webpage that would guide the client through the steps before getting a treatment at the clinic. This was done so Filippa could always refer to the website if a client was in doubt of anything. It also meant that clients who would come from Copenhagen to the island to get a treatment would be fully prepared for the procedure.

We created a step by step guide on the website. Because of the complex nature of the different treatments, I wanted to make sure that the client did not experience information overload. I sorted this problem by having dropdown menus for each step.

Sample page of treatments at Reborn Age
Easy overview of treatments and step by step dropdown menus.

Further more, to attract customers to the remote clinic on the small island, it was important for Filippa to create marketing material. First we targeted the locals by running different ads in local newspapers and made strategic alliances with other local’s webpages, the local bikerental and tour guides for example.

To boost her attractiveness in Copenhagen I created flyers with different discounts and offers that we distributed throughout hairdressers and cafés in downtown Copenhagen. Further more I set up her Facebook page and helped her create and publish the first couple of posts. I invited Filippa to Copenhagen to sit down with me and learn how Facebook campaigns worked.

In the end I had developed a website and a visual identity for her to form her clinic around. I still work with Filippa, when she needs to create ads for magazines or other marketing content.

I have also learned an unexpected amount about Botox and Restylane Fillers!

Reborn Age campaign by Marc Southwell
Reborn Age campaign for local newspaper Bornholms Tidende.



Filippa Friis, Nurse and Founder of Reborn Age.

To see more you can visit the website of Reborn Age or check out their Facebook for good offers on skin treatments!

Reborn Age website

Reborn Age Facebook